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You never get a second chance to make a first impression as an internet marketer. Regardless of what you want to believe PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU, YOUR PRODUCT AND YOUR BUSINESS BASED ON APPEARANCE.  Image is EVERYTHING in marketing. Your graphics matter more than you think. All of your graphics across ALL of your pages and platforms must be on point, that's where CLICKDESIGNS come in.

This bonus will give you everything you need to maximize your branding and sales ability online!  We really wanted to offer something EXTRA SPECIAL that directly compliments CLICKDESIGNS so you are assured to get more bang for your buck.

This is why we're giving you access to these products AND together with CLICKDESIGNS, you're sure to attract more visitors and make more sales! 

Bonus #1 Kick Ass Sales Pages

This is the answer to your online selling prayers! A one of a kind video course created exclusively by Omar and Melinda Martin on how to create the perfect sales page for any product that you want to sell in any niche. This course is made of seven modules each including a video and PDF eBook. This is FIVE hours of expert online sales training from two internet marketing millionaires!

Includes MP4 Video Modules

Includes Seven PDF eBooks

MODULE 1 - Types Of Sales Pages: Discover the top performing online sales methods and how to use them on every type of sales page to ensure your launch KICKS ASS!
MODULE 2 - Selling Information: Learn EXACTLY what you need to be focussing on if you want to sell digital information products. It's not what you think and you'll be SHOCKED at how well this method works.
MODULE 3 - Selling digital Gizmos & Widgets: Unleash the power of selling pushbutton tools. This is totally different than selling information and that's why most marketers totally screw it up.  
MODULE 4 - Video Sales Letters: Harness the most powerful method of selling online. This module will teach you the secrets to hypnotize viewers and make them buy YOUR stuff.
MODULE 5 - Selling With Webinars: Unlock the hidden secrets of high converting webinar sales copy. Finally, write webinar scripts that keep attendees engaged and automate your own sales machine.
MODULE 6 - Psychological Selling Triggers: People love to buy but they hate to feel sold. Learn the proper techniques to trigger a buying response and make money hand over fist!
MODULE 7 - Sales Letter Anatomy: Discover a time tested and proven structure that guides your prospects through the purchase decision. Every single sales page you create will kick ass from this day forward!

BONUS #2 - Five Keys To Branding

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. These five lessons will guide you to create a winning brand for yourself and your business. 
Learn to manage people's perception of your brand and your company to instantly increase their willingness to follow you and buy from you.
Discover the expert tactics for branding so you can attract lots of followers and become an authority in your niche.

BONUS #3 - Creating Ad Campaigns

You’re about to create an ad on Facebook and build your audience in a matter of minutes. Assemble huge audiences of leads super fast!
This training will walk you through the process in a simple step by step fashion. Finally, stop being nervous about running your own Ads!
This training will walk you through the process in a simple step by step fashion. So you can sit back and watch it pull in sales FOR YOU.

BONUS #4 - Creating The Right Product

Uncover all the "need to know" factors so that you can finally create a product that sells like gagbusters! 
In this training, we will show you how to ensure your product is a TOP SELLER before you even start creating it!
Follow these exact steps in the prep phase and you can virtually write your own paychecks with this training!

BONUS #5 - Getting traffic The Right Way

Discover how to avoid the number one mistake that marketers make when they try to drive traffic and never struggle for traffic again.
Unlock the expert tricks for identifying and infiltrating huge hungry markets to start making sales almost immediately. 
Learn to get so much traffic that other vendors will be lining up and begging you to promote for them!

BONUS #6 - How To Convert

Master is how to convert your subscribers into BUYERS. Finally, make reliable money consistently without breaking a sweat.
Unlock the hidden secrets to raise your earnings per click (EPC) and squeeze every single possible sale out of your audience!
Copy the exact steps that will guarantee your success in converting visitors to subscribers and subscribers into buyers REPEATEDLY!

BONUS #7 - Killer Landing Pages

Learn the secrets to creating killer, "high converting" landing pages. You can finally pull in targeted subscribers like crazy!
Skip over the hidden landing page design trap that snares most marketers and leaves them subscriberless and penniless.
Watch a side by side on-screen comparison so that you can finally master the most effective lead capture techniques. 

BONUS #8 - Launch Success Strategy

Learn a proven launch strategy from the experience of more than two dozen six-figure product launches. Become an expert launch strategist!
Follow along as we break down every phase of a successful launch from pre to post! Leverage this info for your own launches or to manage other people's launches as well!

BONUS #9 - Making A Digital Product

Learn a repeatable system to male digital products that create a passive income stream and a lucrative business. 
In this training, you will learn the five steps on how to create digital products that your audience will buy. Never stress about product creation again.
This is an easy to follow and proven process that actually works! You'll kick yourself when you learn how easy it is to make valuable digital products from this day forward.

BONUS #10 - Scripting & Assembling Your Videos

Videos are super important in every part of your online business for ANY niche. Finally, write and assemble engaging videos fast and easy!
Master all the moving parts of making marketing videos, unlock secret resources and discover where to get them all! 
Learn how to assemble videos essentially from some pre-created pieces. Leverage premade expert video clips so you always look like a PRO!

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