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Rob and Kennedy have just opened the doors to The Complete Daily Email Strategy with a CRAZYYY Grand Opening Launch Discount, and we are offering you an amazing CUSTOM bonus on this page.

We really wanted to offer something EXTRA SPECIAL that directly compliments the Email Marketing Heroes product so you are assured to get more bang for your buck.

Bonus 1 Campaign Development

Come behind the scenes while we develop a blow out campaign. You'll become an email marketing pro in no time. In this training, you'll understand how to create a campaign that is appealing for your subscriber. Discover the key things you need for your campaigns success!

Bonus 2 Crafting Subject Lines

When emailing your subscribers, the subject lines are often overlooked. Your subject line will be at the beginning of your funnels and are what will get your subscriber to open your emails and to take action. Discover how to make your subject lines stand out from other emails.

Bonus 3 Email Marketing Advantage

Want an Email Marketing Advantage? Then this training is for you!! Learn a simple formula for maximizing your email marketing campaigns and dominate any affiliate leaderboard and how to stand out from other affiliate marketers. Super charge your email marketing with these techniques!

Bonus 4 Email Marketing Like A Pro

Discover the secrets to email market like a pro. You're going to learn the best ways to construct those emails that you’re going to be sending to your subscribers. We'll cover getting into the inbox, spam scores, whether they opened the email or deleted it, and then getting them to click.

Bonus 5 Email Persuasion

Hypnotize your readers and get them to do what you want, that's what this training will show you how to do. Learn the angles, the proper positioning and the exact steps to get people to open your emails then click and buy products through YOUR LINK.

Bonus 6 Follow-Up Email Persuasion

The goal in email persuasion is to build trust with your prospects and getting them to buy more stuff from you over time. In this training, we're going to cover how to utilize the list that you already have instead of just adding more people to it.

Bonus 7 Email Sequencing Machine

Who doesn't want to autopilot their business? In this training, we will cover how to automate your trust building, up-selling, and cross selling with emails. Learn how to write a killer email sequence that is going to follow up with your prospects and turn your subscribers into buyers.

Bonus 8 List Building: The Ever Changing Business Growth Paradigm

List building is one of the most important things you can do in your business and as technology develops, there comes new methods, tactics, and tools that enable us to attract new leads and new customers to grow your list. Learn how to attract your prospects with purpose, not just for the fun of it.



Email Story Vault Template

Some days are more story-worthy than others, but you’ll always have something to write about in your Email Story Vault Template.

This Google sheet template makes it easy to collect and store all your stories - perfect for those days when you need a little extra creativity!


Email Marketers Game Plan

This is the ultimate email resource.

The Email Marketer’s Game Plan contains 12 complete fill-in-the-blank email campaigns for opt-ins, events, flash sales, product launches, increasing engagement, mini courses and affiliate promotions - 116 emails in all.

This offer sells for $97, but you get it for FREE when you get The Complete Daily Email Strategy today!


Subject Lines That Drive Sales

What’s the most important part of any email? The subject line, of course.

Without a good subject line, your emails may never get opened.

Learn how to write attention-grabbing subject lines that get people to open their emails without resorting to boring, ineffective formulas.

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5. Buy a Mac.

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