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3 Part Traffic Program Specifically Designed For Cheney's Gold Rush

Cheney's Gold Rush program is going to show you EXACTLY where the money is and how to get it. This companion set will show you how to inject the traffic to your Gold Rush on steroids. We've worked with Michael Cheney personally to ensure that each of these products cover a specific area of traffic that fits in perfectly with you Gold Rush. YOU NEED THIS TO COMPLETE YOUR GOLDRUSH PURCHASE! Anyone who buys Gold Rush WITHOUT this congruent package is leaving piles of money on the table

Traffic Rush (Gold Rush Set)

Whoa Nelly! you're gonna wish you had this product a year ago! Learn the 3 main ways to get traffic for your Gold Rush campaigns. Using these three traffic tactics you'll make more sales and and monetizing your prospects long term. You’re about to see how we create consistent traffic that brings in god repeatedly.

Lead Rush (Gold Rush Set)

Creating leads for your business is more than just IMPORTANT. Without leads, you’re dead. We’re going to cover some very important steps when it comes to getting a RUSH of leads added to your mailing list. You’ll learn the right order to follow and exactly what to do when it comes to gathering the type of leads that can easily be monetized long term. You’ll never worry about finding customers again.

Social Rush (Gold Rush Set)

Your customers are on Facebook! I'm going to show you how to grow your own stadium full of people you can market to on Facebook and other social media platforms. We’ll cover eight basic steps on how to build a tribe that you can make money from long term over and over again, regardless of the niche.

Commission Magnet

Everyone thinks of what they’re currently doing in their business instead of where they plan on ending up. It’s important to begin by thinking of and planning on where you’re going to end up. Start with your end goal in mind and work your way from there. Here you will learn the 4 critical components you need to engineer your success.

Affiliate Marketing 101

Finally understand the sheer mechanics of affiliate marketing in super simple terms. This training will demystify the affiliate cycle and explain exactly where and how the money is generated, collected and PAID TO YOU! This is a soup to nuts session that covers selecting products, getting paid, reciprocation and even understanding metrics!

Affiliate Marketing Do's & Dont's

This information can make you or break you as an affiliate? As a matter of fact, you're probably self sabotaging your business right now and you don't even know it! This training dives right into the nitty gritty by exposing the secret underbelly of the affiliate marketing industry. Avoid being singled out and leverage this training to your benefit!

Bonus Hooks

The best way to generate the most commissions is to offer your customers a bonus. Thats why you're reading this and thats why you'll chose to buy from this page. Affiliates are competing for clicks and this training teaches you to stand out from the crowd. We'll cover our most treasured secrets to outchining competitors with our bonus offers!

Creating Ad Campaigns

This is so easy you’ll kick yourself for not having done it sooner. You’re about to create an ad on Facebook and build your audience in a matter of minutes. Seriously, it’s not complicated and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to do. This video will walk you through the process ina a brain dead simple step by step fashion. FINALLY run effective ads with a POSITIVE R.O.I.!

Email Persuasion

Hypnotize your readers and get them to do what you want, that's what this training will show you how to do. Learn the angles, the proper positioning and the exact steps to get people to open your emails then click and buy products through YOUR LINK.  You’ll finally be able to get in the inbox, stand out from the crowd and persuade your audience to buy!

Promoting a Product Launch

Promoting a launch is different than promoting an evergreen product. This training will give you a competitive edge when mailing for  launches regardless of experience or list size. Learn the strategies that will get people to BUY THROUGH YOUR LINK and recommend that their friends BUY THROUGH YOUR LINK too! Get all the nuts and bolts right here!

Deadly I.M. Myths

Don't fall victim to "The Deadly IM Myths" or you'll end up in the internet marketing graveyard. This product finally uncovers the truth about internet marketing. We'll put an end to the 8 deadly myths you hear people yapping about all over the internet. Don't let these myths stop you from achieving the success you deserve. It's time for you to see the light.

List Building A to Z

Finally uncover some of the most powerful and potent techniques and tactics to help you grow your list. Dive right in as we cover things such as the attitude that you have when you begin building your list and even things such as how important the power of your headline is on your website.

Uncensored Affiliate Secrets

Want to know how to jump on the scene and rise to the top of leaderboards? We'll tell you how.  Uncover the 3 big secrets that affiliate marketers are keeping from you and how important "virtual real estate" is for your online business. You don't want to miss out on all the tips and knowledge this product has to offer you and your business.

Lucrative List Secrets

Not all lists are created equally. As a matter of fact, most marketers lists actually SUCK and thats why they struggle to make money. NOW, imagine having the closeley guarded secrets to building not just a BIG list of subscribers but a LUCRATIVE one that can make you money on command. Buckle up, cause you're about to be blown away.

I.M Guru Schools Whipper Snappers

"Scar-ridden “Founding Father” Of Internet Marketing Takes The Whippersnappers To School On Email Marketing, Traffic, Testing, Facebook, Joint Ventures, And Taking Care Of Bid’niz." That is what Ben Settle calls Michael Cheney in this information packed report. Cheney reveals all of his secrets in this no holds barred interview.


This is a MUST WATCH! There's been recent rumors that Paypal is shutting down affiliate accounts. Frankly, there's been a lot of speculation and fear-mongering because there hasn't been a formal announcement by PayPal. This presentation attacks the issue head on (like only Omar can)! Learn the real reasons some users lose their PayPal and how to keep YOUR account golden.

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  • The secret to GROW THE AMOUNT OF COMMISSIONS YOU MAKE without spending more time and money at the computer.
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