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The Perfect Bonus For Product Creators

Image is everything in marketing, that's why this bonus is going to bring you more customers than anything you've ever done before. Lead Intelligence makes you look amazing by turning your content into stunning ebooks that people love. 

This bonus will give you everything you need to make your own amazing products to sell!

We really wanted to offer something EXTRA SPECIAL that directly compliments Lead Intelligence so you are assured to get more bang for your buck.

This is why we're giving you access to these products. Together with Lead Intelligence, you're sure to make bank.

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BONUS #1 Drive Capture Mail 

Learn how to make your list a RELIABLE one!
You'll learn the key things with effective list building. 
You'll discover the key things with making profits with your list are to drive, capture and mail. 

BONUS #2 Driving Fish To Hooks

You're going to learn how to translate and understand your marketing.
You're going to learn how to look through the lens of your audience that will make you better at your marketing efforts.
You're going to create a notable identity for your company.

BONUS #3 - FB Share Tactics

You're going to learn how to stay out of trouble by abiding by the Facebook share policy.
Learn how two internet marketing experts customize their share buttons to ensure that they abide by the rules set in place by Facebook.
You're going to see some real examples of do's and don't with Facebook share images. 

BONUS #4 - Landers

Discover the power of combining social media and a landing page to give you a higher conversions.
Learn the entire process that we have simplified and streamlined for you. 
With this training, it will be hard for you to not become an expert.

BONUS #5 - Selling Information Products

We're going to teach you how to create sales pages that sell the information for you. 
You'll learn how to layout your sales page and you're going to learn what's important when it comes to the information you're selling to your visitors.


BONUS #6 - LIVE Webinar 

Get the inside scoop with the creator of Lead Intelligence Trevor McHaffie. On this EXCLUSIVE webinar, you will learn how to take advantage of Lead Intelligence and how he was able to generate a PROFITABLE list and how you can too. 

Ask Trevor anything you want and he will be there to help LIVE!!

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